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Students Let Down Over Walk Out

Briana Clay

March 15, 2018

On March 14, 2018, at 10 am, Chicago Public Schools did different things to show support for the Florida victims. For example, at Walter Payton, students and the administration came together to figure out what would best support the student’s First Amendment ; Walter Payton students decided to lock...

Volunteering at the VA

Samantha Lozano

January 24, 2018

Veterans are people who fought and risked their lives for the good of America, it is only fair to give back to them Students in Phoenix Leadership positions volunteered at the Veterans hospital food bank to give back to those who gave. “A lot of time veterans don’t come out of the military...

Mamahua to Marquette

Mamahua to Marquette

Morelia Lara

December 19, 2017

People may think that getting accepted into college is the final step of the application process, yet for senior Steven Mamahua getting accepted into Marquette University was only the beginning. After getting accepted into Marquette University in November, Mamahua then applied for a program called th...

Viviana Visits Arkansas

Mauricio Palacios

October 30, 2017

Who doesn't like going on vacations to a different state than where they live in? Senior Viviana Roman  traveled to Arkansas during the summer to go to a quinceanera party with her whole family for a week. Roman was lucky enough  to go on vacation with her family to Arkansas for  a sweet 15 party. She stay...

Enter Uriah

Jonathan Baltazar

October 5, 2017

Most people play sports like basketball, football, and soccer to stay fit,but what about fighting? Most people do not realize how fit one needs to be just to last in a 15 minute fight. Just think about how fast Conor McGregor got tired when fighting Floyd Mayweather. Junior Uriah Allen started doing martial art...

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