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Mean Tough

Mean Tough

Miguel Apreza

January 11, 2018

The wrestlers of Phoenix Military Academy are tough competitors and have been training really hard lately to not only qualify for sectionals, but also for state. The wrestling team always has a few potential players but how much potential does this team have this year? “Our wrestling team has...

Boys Varsity basketball defeats Kelvin Park 103-19

Boys Varsity basketball defeats Kelvin Park 103-19

Kenny Wilkerson

December 19, 2017

It was a victorious day for the teammates and coaches in an outstanding win last night, in what was clearly a devastating blowout.   After speaking with one of the coaches- Head Coach Lo, stated “overall I am happy that we got the win, even though there were a few things that I think we sh...

Wrestling at Kelly

Wrestling at Kelly

Yadira Figueroa

December 5, 2017

The Phoenix wrestling team attended their first match at Kelly on November 21, 2017  because they have been preparing themselves for their sport by practicing oftenly.   “We practice Monday through Saturday and we practice for about 3-4 hours,” said Senior Adrian Diaz.     The ...


Samantha Lozano

November 14, 2017

In life there will always be obstacles or hardships that you will have to face. For senior, Michelle Enriquez, doing wrestling at Phoenix has presented many struggles she’s had. For Enriquez, joining wrestling meant giving up many things, which wasn’t easy.   “I had to give up junk food, candy, and ju...

PMA Bowling Team

Aldo Rojas

October 3, 2017

Most people choose other sports like football or soccer to participate in. However, junior Luciano Alvarez joined the PMA bowling team his freshman year because it is just as fun. Unfortunately, Alvarez believes it  does not  get as much recognition as it should. Originally Alvarez joined ...

Boys Basketball at Elmhurst

Boys Basketball at Elmhurst

Donecia Blount

February 1, 2017

Boys Basketball at Elmhurst Donecia Blount Over Christmas break, the boys basketball team ,both Varsity and Junior Varsity, participated in a basketball tournament in Elmhurst, Illinois. Monday of December 26 the team along with coaches Lorenzo Donegan and Jamal Dantzler, prepared at Phoenix Mil...

Wrestling Team are Conference Champions

Wrestling Team are Conference Champions

David Marroquin

January 20, 2017

Wrestling Team are Conference Champions By: David Marroquin All the long hours of training and commitment has paid off for the Phoenix wrestling team as they were crowned conference champions in their last tournament at Crete Monee High school on Saturday January 7th . The wrestling team, which have ...

Pin Down, Pinpoint Victory!

Pin Down, Pinpoint Victory!

Lesley Cazares

January 18, 2017

  MLA Wrestling match at Marine Leadership Academy took place on December 20th, 2016 where Phoenix Military Academy took center stage and had a clean sweep against various military schools. As PMA made their appearance at Marine Leadership Academy, a long time rival, their bouts consisted...

Girls Bowling

Girls Bowling

Elizabeth Sotelo

January 13, 2017

Girls Bowling By: Elizabeth Sotelo Asport at Phoenix Military Academy that isn’t out there much is girls bowling. The girls have been doing a really good job over the years with pushing the team forward in their current season. They have been winning most of the games. Not many girls join the s...

Freshman Thoughts On Being On The Team

Lisset Lott

December 12, 2016

Freshman Thoughts On Being On The Team By: Lisset Lott The girls basketball season started in the middle of November. This was a big change for the freshmen who made the team. “In 8th grade the girls didn't know how to play,” said freshman Joeliesty Romero. Going from playing in elementary...

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