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Michelles Nail Service

Michelle’s Nail Service

Cynthia Moreno March 14, 2022

     Seventeen year old nail technician Michelle Valencia has been doing nails for about two years now. She started off by practicing on her family members, friends and later moved on to taking clients....

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Roman Casas March 13, 2022

The anime show Tokyo Revengers revolves around a middle aged man in Japan who has bad luck. Takemichi Hanagaki has never really achieved anything in his life and is just trying to survive. That all changes...

Dying Light 2

Abel Andreu March 12, 2022

After the success of dying light, the newest game from Techland “Dying Light 2”  is a continuation of Dying Light. Although a bit of delay in the game, and some graphic problems, this is something...

Gel Nail Polish - Kiss Brand

Gel Nail Polish – Kiss Brand

Ninel Alvarez March 11, 2022

The Kiss brand really put their best work into this white gel nail polish. To start off, I noticed the smell wasn’t too strong. Sometimes when purchasing nail polishes they tend to smell a lot and make...

Birria Stuffed Pizza?

Birria Stuffed Pizza?

Princesa Arriaga March 10, 2022

You have probably heard about quesabirria tacos, but have you heard about Birria Stuffed Pizza? The Birria Stuffed Pizza has been a hit on the SouthSide of Chicago. Angelo’s  Stuffed Pizza collaborated...

Emblem Starbucks Coffee Seoul

Strawberry Creme Frappuccino

Citlaly Acosta March 9, 2022

Starbucks has been known for their flavorful and creative beverages for years now. So I took it upon myself to find a drink that I haven’t tried before. As I was looking into the menu, I came across...

Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Michelle Buendia March 9, 2022

YUM! Tik Tok has made a new  Starbucks drink viral - the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. The recipe is one scoop of dragon fruit, whip cream on top and bottom,  and dragon fruit topping. This drink is the...

Birria Tacos Con Consume / Birria Tacos With Broth


Angel Villa, Reporter March 11, 2021

“What would you like on your taco?” Many think steak or pastor, but have you ever come across birria? Birria is a dish that has changed the taco lineup. Many have not come across this dish because...

The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan

Austin Perez, Reporter March 1, 2021

The War Hammer Titan “Attack on Titan” or “Shingeki no Kyojin” is a popular japanese anime that started in 2013 and is now in its fourth and final season. It has a huge fan base and many viewers....

Dulce Mami Cafe

Dulce Mami Cafe

Diana Jimenez, Reporter February 24, 2021

Dulce Mami Cafe is a small restaurant that has an appetizing menu. I tried their food for the first time and it's pretty good. The way they present their plates and drinks is amazing. Just seeing the food...

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