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Youth Protestation

Youth Protestation

Fabian Patino

March 8, 2017

Youth Protestation By: Fabian Patino Since before Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the issue of peaceful protest has been a focal point for much debate, but in our generation, the controversy has shifted to the protesting done by youths. Protesting has become the voice of the masses o...

Removing Restrictions For Fundraisers

Joselyn Valerio

March 1, 2017

Many schools have fun fundraisers where profit is made due to the involvement. However, in many CPS schools , such as Phoenix Military Academy, the fundraisers that are executed are unsuccessful because lack of interest. CPS has released restrictions that make the execution of fundraisers impossible....

Different Expectations?

Maria Reyes

February 27, 2017

Whenever a couple is expecting a baby, they always want the best for their child. They want them to be happy and successful, regardless if it’s a boy or a girl. However, there has been many studies that show that parents, unintentionally, hold different expectations for their children based on if ...

Make Up Attendance

Gisel Saucedo

February 27, 2017

Contracts, students fees, college applications, and now attendance! Senior year can be stressful for some cadets.  During the last two weeks of first semester for Phoenix Military Academy, senior instructor Sgt. Walker and Mrs. Tobias told the seniors they must make up the days they missed, so they p...

The Power of NO!

Sofia Valencia

February 27, 2017

When we think about sexual assault, who is to blame for the crime: the victim or the offender? We supposedly live in a society where we are able to express ourselves through our actions, and not be sexually assaulted simply because the offender thinks it is “provocative.”   It is true, sometimes the...

“ A Good American Respects Their President!”

Kayla Webster

February 27, 2017

Walking down the street, alongside thousands of anti-inaugural demonstrators, are Trump supporters yelling, “a good American respects their president!” The demonstrations took place across America in major cities such as: Chicago, Washington D.C, and Los Angeles. However, a good president would respect ...

Love Yourself

Elizabeth Sotelo

February 27, 2017

“It’s body appreciation week!” Love yourself. As I'm scrolling through my newsfeed I always see girls posting pictures with just underwear and a bra on. Their caption always says, “I appreciate and love my body, and I don't care what anyone says.” You see the comments and notice pe...

Mental Illness Funding

Cynthia Olivares

February 27, 2017

According to the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation, 48 percent of Americans will live with a mental illness, and 75 percent of those illnesses will begin before the end of their adolescence stage, while 50 percent will start before the age of 16. However, mental illnesses goes unnoticed and...

Should Abortion Be A Choice?

Wendy Nunez

February 24, 2017

Throughout time females have been struggling to be treated equals. Males always had the upper hand when it came to politics, jobs, and other major decisions. Even though there has been an improvement in the equal rights of women, it is once again going back to where it started. The new President of t...

Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

William Hernandez

February 24, 2017

The very first Chicago Marathon was held in 1905 just nine years after the first organized marathon was held at the 1896 Summer Olympics. Running the Chicago Marathon contains a unique atmosphere with the spectators, great vibes among fellow runners, and great weather. The Chicago Marathon is among...

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