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Is college necessary?

Is college necessary?

Fabian Patino

May 10, 2017

You don’t need to go to college, at least, not right after high school. For the past couple decades going to college has been drilled into students as a necessity for success, even though it has been priced as a luxury with no intention of dropping its price. In reality, students that believe they shou...

Will Sending Feds Save Chicago?

Will Sending Feds Save Chicago?

David Marroquin

February 17, 2017

Will Sending Feds Save Chicago? By: David Marroquin Violence in Chicago is not anything new, however, in the last couple of years, things have gone from bad to worse. In response to this, President Donald Trump tweeted on January 24, 2017, “If  Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going ...

Women’s March

Women's March

Zulimar Guajardo

February 15, 2017

The Women's March took place on January 21st, 2017. This march was for women to gather around together and fight for what they believe in. Women at the march were wearing pink, they had signs, and they were all walking together. Every sign was different and you can see that they had meaning and truth...

Chemistry Within Grades

Bryan Sanchez

December 21, 2016

In Phoenix Military Academy, AP Chemistry was introduced last year; however, it dropped some student’s grades and changed their schedules.   Students in AP Chemistry are engaged in  a very rigorous class with only 98 minutes of working, studying, taking notes and asking questions. The c...

This Means War

Anthony Labrado

December 16, 2015

ISIS has had a considerable spread of influence throughout the past couple of years. . According to the Kurdish Chief of Staff Massoud Barzani, ISIS has members close to 200,000, and they are quickly rising due to influences from social media sources like Twitter and Facebook. Besides the 130 peop...

Where did the Defense Go?

Where did the Defense Go?

Anthony Labrado, Sports Editor

December 2, 2015

The Firebirds have had four winning seasons in a row, with three possible chances to go into the IHSA playoffs. However, it has always been stopped-short due to one loss. Many people believe that this is the cause of a wavering offense that has fell to graduating seniors and the injury of our form...

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