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Planet Nine

Planet Nine

Ezequiel Diaz

February 1, 2016

Planet Nine is a recently discovered planet that is said to replace Pluto, which was once a planet before.  It is said it replaced Pluto because Pluto was once a planet, but they took it out of the nine planets because it was not big enough to be considered a planet, while the new planet found is w...



Genesis Vasquez

January 29, 2016

Senior Juan Garcia, at Phoenix Military Academy, was awarded the Posse Scholarship in December 2015, for Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. The Posse Scholarship is a scholarship where seniors are nominated and is based on a series of interviews, if granted it covers full academic tuition...

Service Learning Trip is efficient and educational

Service Learning Trip is efficient and educational

Kimberly Huerta

January 27, 2016

On Friday, January 15, about 20 seniors went to St. Pius church to be able to complete their 40  service learning hours. Sgt Walker and Mrs.Tobias were in charge of organizing the trip in order to get seniors who were missing service learning hours        to graduate. “I went to a local chur...

PMA to be the Model for Colin Powell Military Academy

Joshlynn Murphy

January 27, 2016

On Wednesday, January the 20th, visitors came from Minnesota to see how the JROTC system works. They want to implement it in their school system, so they came to Phoenix to get the military experience. JROTC is a military program for high schools, whose purpose is to educate students in leadership while making th...

Victory at the Drill Team Competition

Starie Brown

January 25, 2016

On Saturday December 12, Phoenix Upper Class Drill Team had its last competition of the year-at Carver Military Academy for the CityWide Drill Competition. “We practiced all semester long. It hurts me that we didn’t place but we tried our best,” said senior Jennifer Baeza. Even though, Phoe...

Hour of Code supporting the future

Diana Aguilar

January 19, 2016

Technology has become a huge part of teens’ daily lives. They are dependent on it for homework and also for social media to communicate with everyone they know. At Phoenix, technology is very important for students to be knowledgeable about. On December 10th Phoenix offered a program called The Hour of C...

8th Graders Scout PMA as potential school

Yajari Popoca

January 5, 2016

For the past couple of weeks Sgt. Villarreal has been hosting Shadow Days, where eighth grade students come to Phoenix. The students attend classes and morning formation with current freshmen to see how their high school experience would be if they attended Phoenix the following year. This particular...

Garry McCarthy Fired By Mayor Emmanuel

Garry McCarthy Fired By Mayor Emmanuel

Jamell Gooden

December 16, 2015

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was forced to resign by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in an attempt to start change for the city of Chicago’s police department. It took 407 days from the day of the Laquan McDonald shooting until McCarthy was fired and there is still more punishment to be handed out across the boa...

Accused of Waukegan Rape; gets an $999,000 settlement

Joshlynn Murphy

December 15, 2015

Bennie Starks spent 20 years in prison for a rape that was held in Waukegan in 1986, which he did not commit. He got an $999,000 settlement. The City Council approved to give $65,000 payments totaling almost a million dollars. John L. Stainthorp, a Chicago attorney who represented Starks in a lawsuit ...

Planned Parenthood Attacked

Planned Parenthood Attacked

Jose Guel

December 14, 2015

On November 27, 2015, a man attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic and killed three people and wounded nine people in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Authorities have said he had no clear motive but he was very religious. Robert Lewis Dear went into Planned Parenthood screaming no more baby parts. Now De...

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