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First of Many

Jorge Castillo

February 4, 2019

The Gay Straight Alliance club kicked off a great start this year with senior Victoria Rivera as president of GSA this year she made sure that the first meeting everyone was comfortable enough to speak. Rivera plays a big role in when the meetings are and how they run.   “As the president I...

Girls Basketball Game Cancellation

D'Ajahnae Croft

January 29, 2019

        On December eleventh, the girls basketball team was pumped for their game against Mather high school. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned because the girls were not able to go to the game.       “The bus company didn’t show up to the school. The ref showed up to the game ...

PMA upset after forfeit at debate tournament

PMA upset after forfeit at debate tournament

Kenny Wilkerson

November 7, 2018

Debate allows for people to speak their mind, mainly on political topics with the intent to persuade and on October 12 PMA was not allowed to speak their mind. The PMA Debate Team recently had a debate tournament at Solorio High School, but did not compete. Due to their late arrival, the tournamen...

Cheers to Being Number Four in the State!

Cheers to Being Number Four in the State!

Kiara Balleza

May 17, 2018

Recently, U.S News has updated Phoenix’s rank in the state, passing schools such as Jones and Whitney Young, but how? Well due to the high rates of many students excelling in AP (Advanced Placement) exams, Phoenix is now alongside very competitive schools such as Lane Tech and Northside. Nevertheless, t...

Biliteracy Award

Alondra Quiroz

April 12, 2018

This year has been one of many achievements and excitement for Phoenix Military Academy. Adding on to this is the Seal of Biliteracy Award that many students have received over the years. The Seal of Biliteracy Award is given to students who are officially proficient in both Spanish and English and ha...

Guadalupe’s Scholarship

Alondra Quiroz

March 22, 2018

This school year is riddled with great news on scholarships and college acceptance for the class of 2018. Adding on to this trend of great news, Guadalupe Trejo,senior captain of the debate team,won the Illinois College Trustee scholarship and was accepted into their honors college. This scholarship i...

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Aloisius Arellano

March 6, 2018

Growing up children are influenced by their elders which can affect the way they live their lives . For student teacher Mr. Curin, a major influence in becoming interested in teaching was both of his grandfathers who fought in WWII. “History has always been a fascinating subject to me.  Both o...

Mean, Tough & Making History

Mean, Tough & Making History

Keilyn Torres

February 23, 2018

For the first time in Phoenix’s  history four wrestlers were declared state qualifiers. Senior Jason Lua and juniors Kevin Rodriguez, Martin Martinez and Omar Perez were all named State Qualifiers after their victories at sectionals. “In my honest opinion words cannot describe how I fe...

Let 3 IMentor Trip

Kenny Wilkerson

February 22, 2018

Juniors recently took a trip through the IMentor program.Cadets are returning to PMA well impressed and educated after taking a trip to the Willis Tower.   Students were required to bring any form of ID that has their picture on it for security purposes. Program manager- Ms. A, and other...

March for DACA

Alondra Quiroz

February 8, 2018

Last weekend on January 17th Ms.Perez, coordinator of 5 +1= 20, organized a group of students to support a DACA march downtown. The students marched from Daley Plaza to the Trump Tower. The rally was a call to action so that Congress could rise up and protect thousands of children who came to the U.S il...

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