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Birria Tacos Con Consume / Birria Tacos With Broth


Angel Villa, Reporter March 11, 2021

“What would you like on your taco?” Many think steak or pastor, but have you ever come across birria? Birria is a dish that has changed the taco lineup. Many have not come across this dish because...

The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan

Austin Perez, Reporter March 1, 2021

The War Hammer Titan “Attack on Titan” or “Shingeki no Kyojin” is a popular japanese anime that started in 2013 and is now in its fourth and final season. It has a huge fan base and many viewers....

Dulce Mami Cafe

Dulce Mami Cafe

Diana Jimenez, Reporter February 24, 2021

Dulce Mami Cafe is a small restaurant that has an appetizing menu. I tried their food for the first time and it's pretty good. The way they present their plates and drinks is amazing. Just seeing the food...

CTU vs CPS Returning to School

Alexis Duran-Aguilera, Reporter January 22, 2021

COVID-19 has caused tremendous changes within the city of Chicago. Although lockdowns imposed last spring have lowered, Chicago Public Schools, one of the country’s largest public school districts, has...

Meet Me: Alexis Duran

Alexandra Torres, Reporter January 20, 2021

Although many cadets at Phoenix Military Academy join athletic teams and clubs, senior Alexis Duran joined the Phoenix Military Academy Debate Team. Duran joined debate around sophomore year after his...

Jennifer Gama

Edmundo Suarez, Reporter January 8, 2021

Everyone has hobbies they enjoy doing. Some enjoy drawing, others enjoy gardening. For Senior Jennifer Gama,it’s playing Soccer. She plays for the Phoenix soccer team. She heard about the team through...

Meet Me: Aldair Luna

Angel Villa, Reporter December 9, 2020

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Senior Aldair Luna received a $22,000 scholarship his senior year to Elmhurst University after working hard, never doubting himself and exceeding other’s expectations....

Diaz Accepted to West Point

Diaz Accepted to West Point

Kevin Jimenez, Reporter - March 9, 2020

A New Path To West Point A strange feeling of excitement filled senior Ivan Diaz when he realized he will be attending West Point next fall without doubt. He was full of joy when he got the great news...

Hair Donation

Hair Donation

Guadalupe Hilario, Reporter March 6, 2020

Thinking about donating your hair? There are several organizations that can turn your long, healthy hair into low-cost wigs for people with cancer or with other personal causes. A wig can give self-confidence,...

Stanford Bound!

Stanford Bound!

Seydi Corral, editor March 6, 2020

Senior Belem Salgado is the first student from PMA to get accepted to Stanford University. Salgado has been number one in her class since freshman year and has always wanted to go to Stanford. She said...

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