Michelle’s Nail Service


Cynthia Moreno

     Seventeen year old nail technician Michelle Valencia has been doing nails for about two years now. She started off by practicing on her family members, friends and later moved on to taking clients. When she started taking on clients she did client’s nails in her room, but she now is renting a bigger place to do nails. Her business is bigger than she expected and is getting noticed. She started doing my nails in September  2020 and now  two years later,  I haven’t gotten my nails done by anyone else. 

     Michelle’s average cost for a nail set is 50-60 dollars depending on what you want. The length, design, and any add ons are all the things considered in the way she prices her sets. She usually takes an hour and a half to two hours to do a full nail set, and this is because a lot goes into preparing the nails, painting the nails, and adding the designs. 

     Michelle starts off by cutting the nails, she moves on to cleaning the nails and making sure there’s no nail polish on the nails. She  files  and buffs the nails to take away the shine of the natural nail. That way the acrylic and the fake nail tip last longer. She then adds the fake nail tip and moves on to applying the acrylic. Michelle’s nail sets usually last up to two months with no lifting. I love going to get my nails done with Michelle because she is a very nice and welcoming person and she makes conversation so you feel comfortable. She’s very understanding when it comes to being on a budget. I’d give Michelle a 5/5 on her nail services.