Dying Light 2

Abel Andreu

After the success of dying light, the newest game from Techland “Dying Light 2”  is a continuation of Dying Light. Although a bit of delay in the game, and some graphic problems, this is something you would expect from a newly released game. The storyline takes place 15 years after all the events from the first game. The first person perspective really makes this game into survival/horror that involves crafting, looting, upgrades, and much more. Dying light 2 also has a day and night cycle that is important for the kinds of missions you must complete. There are currently no in-game purchases which makes me, as a player, feel appreciated that the game relies a bit more on skill rather than the  “pay to win” system most video games have nowadays. Taking upwards of 200-500 hours to really complete the game makes it much more enjoyable because it is not something you can speed through.

 What I believe would make this game a bit more enjoyable is giving players a few more weapon options such as guns, grenades, etc instead of having only knives, bats, or a machete. I would also like to see a slight shift in the players movement or parkour because It is a bit shaky. Regardless this is a really good game for being so new and coming out  15 years after the first game. I would definitely recommend this game to people who enjoy campaigns. My rate would be a 4/5.