Gel Nail Polish – Kiss Brand


Ninel Alvarez

The Kiss brand really put their best work into this white gel nail polish. To start off, I noticed the smell wasn’t too strong. Sometimes when purchasing nail polishes they tend to smell a lot and make your head hurt. However, this nail polish didn’t have that strong smell, which was good. I then tested it on a nail. When doing the first coat I automatically noticed how white and shiny it was and that compared to regular nail polish it had more color. It didn’t get matte nor turned yellow. Some nail polish sometimes get a little shade of yellow when applying which was not the case here. It also dried  very fast which was good. No UV lamp was needed to dry it. The nail polish air dried really well.  It was not tacky or too runny.

Overall, I really liked the consistency of it and would most definitely recommend it. It was also very affordable and had a good amount of product. The brush was also very good. It wasn’t too thin nor too thick. It would get enough product with just one dip. This helped not waste too much product. I would most definitely go back to buy another one. I would rate this nail polish a 5/5