Birria Stuffed Pizza?

Birria Stuffed Pizza?

Princesa Arriaga

You have probably heard about quesabirria tacos, but have you heard about Birria Stuffed Pizza?

The Birria Stuffed Pizza has been a hit on the SouthSide of Chicago. Angelo’s  Stuffed Pizza collaborated with Birreria Zaragoza to create the  first Birria Pizza in November 2021.

 It is a Chicago style pizza filled with cheese and goat meat. It is similar to the quesabirria tacos, but instead of tortillas it is dough, inside of a pizza.  On the side it is paired with cilantro, consome, onion, and hot sauce. They also add any other toppings desired.   

I tried it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t like it. It has a weird consistency. The different types of topping are really not appetizing. There was a lot of dough and cheese, which hid the flavor of the meat. The meat had no flavor.The tomato sauce and the cheese gave it a weird taste. In my opinion, they should just keep the birria meat and pizza separated.

It feels like a crime to combine the two. You just can’t make new specialty pizzas.  Some people actually liked it and it’s popularity  has increased during these past few months. I give this a two out five. It could be better.