Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino


Michelle Buendia

YUM! Tik Tok has made a new  Starbucks drink viral – the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. The recipe is one scoop of dragon fruit, whip cream on top and bottom,  and dragon fruit topping. This drink is the same as the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino but customized by adding dragon fruit and more whip cream. I think this is a great drink when you’re looking for something sweet and fruity.

In the first sip, you are hit with a sweet vanilla whip cream flavor. Later on, the dragon fruit starts to kick in, combined with the vanilla. I am not a big fan of vanilla, but this Frappuccino did not disappoint. The combination of the whip cream with the dragon fruit slightly reminded me of strawberry ice cream, just in a drink.

I tasted the drink a few days ago and I can say this was such a great drink. I would say that the drink would be best on a hot sunny day. It reminds me of something that can be considered a refresher. Although I drank this on a day that was 22 degrees outside, I give the Frappuccino a 5/5.