Meet Mrs. Boyce


Ninel Alvarez and Brian Herrera

Once a teacher, always a teacher.  After taking a break from education to work in the technology field, Mrs. Boyce started the school year at Phoenix in the math department.

 “I’ve been working in the tech industry the last few years and I really missed working with students and teachers,” said Mrs. Boyce.

After not really liking her last job Mrs. Boyce got hired at Phoenix Stem Military Academy, which has helped her get back to doing what she enjoys doing. 

Mrs. Boyce explained how she is happy to be back working with students and being in a classroom teaching. Mrs. Boyce said her grandma was a teacher as well which is what inspired her to be one. She has been a teacher for about 20 years now.                       

   Although there are moments where it is challenging to keep students focused, Mrs. Boyce still puts her all into teaching and encouraging her students. 

 “Students not wanting to accept my help when they’re struggling really keeps me up at night,”said Mrs. Boyce.

 Mrs. Boyce shows how much she cares about her students and how she wants to see them to succeed. Being a teacher has always been her dream since she was younger, although her father made her study a different career. However, that did not stop her from doing what she enjoyed most.