Meet Ms. Mejia

Meet Ms. Mejia

Rafael Soto and Leslie Riquelme

There are many new staff members in the building this year, especially in the office. Ms. Mejia started working at Phoenix STEM Military Academy in late August. Her role is assistant to the main office. She worked for CPS before, but never at a high school with a military background. Although It was something different for her, she said it was more convenient due to her schedule. Phoenix wasn’t her only option; she had other schools.

“I started off as part time in CPS, but worked my way up to full time clerk assistant,” said Ms. Meijia. 

She started at Nightingale Elementary school in 2019 working with preschool students and then worked as a teacher assistant in 2020. This is her first time working in a high school

“It is different, I mean like with preschoolers they’re very, you know, it’s different they are very energetic. They’re random, can’t really have a normal conversation with them,” said Ms. Meija.  “In highschool you can have a normal conversation with them, you can kinda relate to them a little more and guide them a little bit better.”

Phoenix was her first option, despite having job offers at four other schools. 

“I chose Phoenix because it was something new, I never worked in a military school before, I felt like it would be more challenging and it will improve my overall resume and experience,” said Meija. 

Overall, Ms. Meija is happy with her choice and enjoys interacting with the students the most.