Meet Mr. Martinez

Meet Mr. Martinez

Noemi Lara and Yamila Lozada

This year many new teachers have joined the firebird staff. One of these teachers is Mr. Martinez, the new Environmental Science teacher. Mr. Matinez has been teaching for 11 years but this is his first year at Phoenix, where he hopes he can teach his students about the importance of taking care of our environment.

Mr. Martinez was excited to teach this school year’s senior class. Although he has been teaching for a long time, he didn’t always want to be a teacher. Mr. Martinez started off as a pre-med major, then tried to get into school for anthropology, but changed his mind after shadowing a pre-service teacher. 

“Aside from that fantastic bell that rings for the change of period, one thing I was excited for was it being a level 1+ school, just seeing how well the school has done for itself over the years,”said Martinez. 

As an Environmental Science teacher Mr. Martinez tries teaching stewardship, which helps his students become better leaders who take responsibility and care for our planet, especially for future generations.

“Prepared for possibilities with all the things that are happening in the world with global warming, and extreme weather events, we don’t know how it’s gonna go. Scientists only say it’s gonna get worse.We do what we can to make it a better future for everyone,” said Martinez about the importance of his class.

 Aside from teaching, Mr. Martinez is also the new athletics director for PSMA. Mr. Martinez hopes to start new sports teams, one of which is a boys baseball team.