Meet Ms. Flaherty

Allen Duncan and Guadalupe Garcia

A new face, but not exactly a new teacher. Ms. Flaherty started teaching English I during the 2020-2021 school year in the time of remote learning. She has officially moved into her classroom now and taken on the freshmen English classes.  

As to what drove Ms. Flaherty to PSMA, it was “the mission statement” she said. To her the mission statement meant respect, individual thinkers, and an environment that provided better opportunities for future generations. 

Phoenix was recommended by her college professor. Prior to teaching, she started working at age 16 in a grocery store and babysitting even younger than that.

 “It really prepared me to work with young people,” Ms. Flaherty said. 

As a manager at the grocery store, she taught the new cashiers how to do their job which helped her learn how to work with teenagers. 

She has tried to include different ways of communication in her classroom. If a student is disrespectful she’ll bring them to the side to discuss a matter one on one. To keep the class’s attention everyone is called on or raises hands for discussions.

Flaherty has enjoyed being in person and has noticed “a big difference in noise level, participation, and pair grouping.” She has also been able to build a better connection with the students. 

“I’ve been able to gain a perspective of where they’re coming from,” said Flaherty. 

“I think it’s a great environment, an amazing place to work, and very supportive for the students and staff, said Flaherty about joining PSMA. 

In the end, Ms Flaherty is looking forward to the new year to guide the incoming freshman to become better skilled students.