Meet Ms. Tenorio

Meet Ms. Tenorio

Cynthia Moreno and Brianna Munoz

For her seventeenth first day of school, Ms. Tenorio wanted to start somewhere new. August 30, 2021 was Ms.Tenorio’s first day at PSMA and the beginning of her seventeenth year of teaching Spanish. Out of all the schools she wanted to teach at Phoenix because she really liked the mission and vision statement of the school and the military school model. 

“I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN for my Bachelor’s.  I attended St. Xavier University in Chicago, IL for my first Master’s degree and finally National Louis University in Chicago, IL for my second master’s degree,” said Tenorio.

 Tenorio chose to teach Spanish because of the fact that she gained a deeper understanding of the language and culture when she visited Barcelona, Spain and took a class. She later came to the conclusion that she wanted to share the knowledge with her students so they can also appreciate the culture and get a better understanding of it. If Tenorio wasn’t going to be a teacher she said she would have been an architect. 

Prior to coming to Phoenix, Tenorio taught at George Washington H.S., Lane Tech, Peace & Education Alternative High School and Carson Elementary school. Some other facts about Tenorio are that she has a dog and her hobbies include: cycling, reading, dance and scrapbooking. Ms. Tenorio will not be advising clubs or sports after school due to the fact that this is her first year here and she wants to settle in before taking on other activities.