Meet Staff Sergeant Davison

Meet Staff Sergeant Davison

Casey Casey and Princesa Arriaga

For the first time in six years, Phoenix has a female JROTC instructor. Staff Sergeant Shtoyree Davison began her teaching career with the junior class this September at PSMA after 23 years in the military. She had seven positions in the military, with her latest position as a supply sergeant. She was in charge of the equipment and gathering supplies for missions. She is currently working on her masters in public administration at Devry University. 

“Cadets were very receptive to seeing a female as an instructor,” said Staff Sergeant Davison.

Staff Sergeant Davison believes in empowering young females to become the best version of themselves. As a parent of teenagers, she understands how undermined teenagers often feel. Staff Sergeant Davison knew she wanted to stay at PSMA the moment she saw how much it meant to the students to have a female sergeant.

 She also advises the Black Student Union because she believes it is important to be a  role model to the cadets. Staff Sergeant Davison is thinking about joining the Sisterhood committee to further empower the young female cadets. 

“I want cadet females to feel like they can and that they matter,” said Staff Sergeant Davison.

 She wants to show them that it is possible to be in a career where it is a majority of men and that anything is possible. She enjoys the high spirits of the cadets as well as the amount of acceptance they provided when she started. Staff Sergeant Davison feels she could learn a lot from both the cadets and staff.