Meet Coach Skanes

Meet Coach Skanes

Yamila Lozada

This year PSMA welcomes Kejuan Skanes as the official boys basketball coach. Coach K grew up in the south side of Chicago and attended Hubbard High School. 

While into other sports, Coach K did not play basketball until he was in middle school. He stated that since his family was always into football and baseball he wanted to stand out and try out another sport. With time and practice, he became very passionate about the game and what it could bring to others.

 Being one of the youngest coaches in CPS, Skanes takes his job very seriously.  

“When you are trying to do something you should always try to the fullest and never hesitate to go back.””

— Coach Skanes

 He said that since Phoenix is not known as a school for sports, he wants to be the one to break that stereotype with the basketball team. Coach Skanes is guiding the basketball team to being the best players they can be on the court. He hopes to bring success, motivation, school spirit, and discipline to the team. 

“Patience is key because taking small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step that you take in your life,” said Skanes. 

Coach Kejuan Skanes is very disciplined, motivated and determined. He not only wants to give back because of his love of  basketball, but also give back to his community and the youth. He believes that when there is teamwork, anything could be done.