Meet Ms. Vargas

Meet Ms. Vargas

Handing over the torch, Ms. Bond, the junior iMentor instructor, introduced a new instructor this year at Phoenix.  The seniors at Phoenix STEM Military Academy started the school year with a brand new iMentor teacher. Ms. Vargas started working with iMentor in August and was assigned to the senior class at Phoenix.

“I found iMentor through a job posting and I thought it was meant to be. I really liked the purpose of iMentor and felt like it was right for me,” said Ms. Vargas. 

Though Ms. Vargas has only worked at Phoenix for a couple months, she already loves it and finds a lot of joy in her job. Her job at Phoenix has helped a lot of seniors structure their plans after high school. Ms. Vargas has helped seniors with their college and scholarship applications. 

“I learned self care with iMentor and to have fun with my job,” said Vargas. 

Ms. Bond has helped Ms. Vargas get acclimated to iMentor and Phoenix. Ms. Vargas works closely with Sgt. Walker, the senior JROTC instructor, and the counselors to help the class of 2022 complete their college applications and communicate with their mentors.

When she is not working, Ms. Vargas spends time with her family, goes out to eat, cooks, and binge watches shows on Netflix with her partner.