Birria Tacos Con Consume / Birria Tacos With Broth

“What would you like on your taco?” Many think steak or pastor, but have you ever come across birria? Birria is a dish that has changed the taco lineup. Many have not come across this dish because its popularity has just started to increase over the years. Thus having restaurants add this dish to their already present menu. This dish originated in Jalisco, Mexico specifically in a small town called Cocula.

Birria is a juicy rich combination of meats in a fried tortilla. The meat consists of lamb, beef, and steak. Inside the tortilla lays melted white cheese and birria. But, that’s not all. On the side, comes this rich consomme broth that is filled with spices and cilantro. One cannot eat the tacos without its sidekick, the broth. The taco can be topped with toppings of your choice, but the usual toppings are simple, cilantro and onion.

I just experienced this dish a few days ago and it has really made me rethink my choice of what is my favorite dish. When I was first introduced to this, it wasn’t really appealing. However, I decided to give them a go and I was not disappointed one bit. These birria tacos are juicy and have a little spice to them that takes them to the next level. Once, I dipped them in the broth that’s filled with all sorts of intriguing spices and gave it another shot. I fell in love, the broth is what really makes this dish my favorite. I give these tacos a 5/5 and I highly recommend you to get them from El Azador on 47th and Pulaski.