Meet Me: Alexis Duran

Although many cadets at Phoenix Military Academy join athletic teams and clubs, senior Alexis Duran joined the Phoenix Military Academy Debate Team. Duran joined debate around sophomore year after his friend senior Joe Corrasco convinced him.
Later on, Duran became interested in learning more about politics.He also wanted to have the opportunity to have these conversations in the classroom and learn about the way politics revolves around the world.
“It was pretty easy since my teacher junior year was my coach, so I didn’t have to worry much about homework since I would often finish in school and the coach would know where I would be,” said Duran.
This is important since most students who join extracurricular activities often stress over their schedules, putting their academics at risk. Not only that, but also having a good connection with his coach can help in succeeding in both Duran’s academics and his role at the Phoenix Military Academy Debate team.
Duran said “After high school I’m probably not going to join debate since it’s more competitive and I want to focus more on my studies, but I definitely plan on coaching debate in the future.”