Jennifer Gama

Everyone has hobbies they enjoy doing. Some enjoy drawing, others enjoy gardening. For Senior Jennifer Gama,it’s playing Soccer. She plays for the Phoenix soccer team. She heard about the team through friends and has been in the team ever since. Her enjoyment for soccer started at an early age and it didn’t stop there.

“I’ve been playing since I was a little girl,” said Gama.

Every sports team includes tryouts right? Not for this team, skills determined whether one went to varsity or junior varsity. She played an important role in the club being co-captain, but due to the global pandemic she was not able to play her part in the team this year.

“My favorite part about the team was that I got to travel to new places to play soccer,” said Gama.

Before the global pandemic hit, she got the chance to play soccer with her team outside of state and that led to exploring new places. Today she is focusing on virtual learning and it is sure that whenever this pandemic ends, she will join the team again and continue making memories.