Meet Me: Aldair Luna

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Senior Aldair Luna received a $22,000 scholarship his senior year to Elmhurst University after working hard, never doubting himself and exceeding other’s expectations. Coming from a historically violent and poor neighborhood, Luna defied all odds by doing well in school and receiving scholarship offers to several schools.

“Since I always would compare my grades to other students, I always figured I wouldn’t amount to a scholarship,” said Luna.

Luna always doubted his abilities and never really saw college in his future. Thus, leading him to doubt himself and compare himself to others achievements.

“I figured I’d just get by with a high school diploma if I even was capable of achieving that since I never have considered myself intelligent,” said Luna.

However, Luna surprised even himself when he received several scholarship opportunities. These scholarships reassured him that he can go to college, just like any other student.

“ I never considered myself being one who attends college because I would always sell myself short,” said Luna.

Now that Luna has been reassured that he has the opportunity to attend various colleges, his perspective has been changed and he now prioritizes school. Thus, leading him to focus on where he would like to attend and what he would like to study. The academic achievements showcased that his future is in his palms.