Top Cadets of Quarter 3


Jose Cruz

In the spotlight. Each quarter two cadets from each grade level are chosen by the teachers at their grade level meeting. The cadets are nominated by a teacher then the teachers vote. They are chosen based on how hard they work and the determination shown by the cadets in class.

I felt proud that I was able to outdo myself this quarter and show the teachers that I can work hard even while multitasking,” said senior Fernanda Sanchez.

With college applications and scholarships Sanchez was able to focus on her academic success while having AP and honors classes, and having extra curricular activities such as: National Honors Society member and as the captain of the flag team.

 “To be honest I didn’t believe it at first like out of all the cadets at phoenix I was chosen to be the cadet of the quarter,”  said senior Pedro Diaz.

Diaz was in shock when he found out he would be the cadet of the quarter. He worked hard last quarter. He made a change to his work ethic and wanted to be remembered on the wall. Their hard work and dedication has paid off.