Stanford Bound!


Senior Belem Salgado is the first student from PMA to get accepted to Stanford University. Salgado has been number one in her class since freshman year and has always wanted to go to Stanford. She said no one in particular inspired her, but she had a lot of help from her mentors to apply. Stanford offered Salgado full tuition and more.
“Anybody that works for it can do it,” said Salgado.
Salgado believes that if someone wants something they can achieve that goal, but it doesn’t come easy.

Salgado is still unsure of her decision because she is waiting on other acceptances and offers. She applied because she said it is one of the best schools in the nation and she likes the Pre-med/ Biology programs there. She is hoping people get inspired and motivated to try to apply to their dream schools, as well.

“Nothing is out of reach,” Salgado said.
She worked hard for her goal and got what she wanted because she never lost hope or faith.

Salgado worked hard for all of her goals and she is now making PMA history! She never gave up on her goals. No matter the problem, she overcame it and she is now on her way to do great things!