New Track Team


Get excited because there is a new track team at PMA. In the month of November, Phoenix Military Academy started a brand new track team. Coach Tramil wanted to start the team and there were students interested after hearing announcements and seeing posters encouraging them to join. Some of these students who are on the track team explained why they joined.

“At first I joined track because I wanted to stay busy and the practice schedule was easily manageable, but now I’m starting to like it,” said junior Keith Collins.

While Collins joined the track team because he wanted to stay busy and eventually liked it, senior Ashunti Epps always wanted to be on a track team.

“I’ve always liked to run and race since I was a little kid so being on an official track team was always a dream of mine,” said Epps.

Collins and Epps also discussed how track has helped them work in a team and build relationships.

“It’s teaching me how to be apart of a team and how I have to depend on my teammates to get things done. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone joining this team and I’m really proud of myself,” said Epps.

Although many of the events are completed individually, Epps and Collins still see it as a team sport.

“Track has provided me with the environment to work with other people and build relationships with them to become a stronger team. I usually work out alone but i think it’s better with others , it is much easier and you can witness different ways to approach a challenge from teammates,” said Collins.

PMA’s new track team had their very first competition on February 11, 2020 and are off to a successful start.