Meet Mr. Boyd

Phoenix hired a new student support manager at the beginning of the year named Justin Boyd. He’s here to be a support system for the kids who feel like they have no one to talk to.
“I support students in many different ways,” Boyd said.

He explained how he helps students.

“You might need support with academics. You might just have a class that’s hard for you. I can get you some help talkin about it, I can help you find some tutoring or maybe help you talk to your teacher,” said Boyd.

He’s not just here to hear you out and listen, but he’s also here to try and help you solve these problems and make the highschool experience easier.
He doesn’t only work with students when it comes to academics but also with social things.

“You might be going through some tough times, you might have a bad relationship/ bad breakup or you might even be like my friends suck and need some help making new friends,” said Boyd.

Mr. Boyd has worked with many different schools all over but not only as a student support manager he’s worked as a counselor. He works with Phoenix through the Communities in Schools program which started their partnership with Boyd last year.