JROTC Scholarship

In February, 11 students from Phoenix Military Academy were taken to UIC to attend a scholarship event, to help pay for their tuition and fees. It was an opportunity for them to have a chance at winning the ROTC scholarship. The ROTC scholarship is a scholarship that helps students pay off their tuition and fees, by giving them an opportunity to be a leader in their civilian and military life. It also gives them the chance to be enlisted as an officer in the military.

β€œIt prepares me for life and makes me be a part of the military,” said senior Andrew Mora.

This scholarship is not just given to anyone. They must meet the requirements, which are to have a 3.0 GPA, bea US citizen, pass a PT test and complete an interview.
Senior Isabel Vidal said how smooth the process was and how she thinks she did.

β€œ[The] process wasn’t that difficult. We did a PT test and we had an interview. Although I’m not confident in my PT Test I do feel confident about the interview,” said Vidal.

In the past, several Phoenix cadets have won the scholarship and attended local colleges on the ROTC scholarship.