Hair Donation


Thinking about donating your hair? There are several organizations that can turn your long, healthy hair into low-cost wigs for people with cancer or with other personal causes. A wig can give self-confidence, strength, and lots of hope for someone who is struggling with the challenges of hair loss. Recently senior Jacqueline Lopez decided to cut her hair.

Lopez has been wanting to cut her hair for about 5 years. She has always prefered short hair over long hair because it’s easier to maintain and keep it in style. Before cutting her hair she made sure to look for places who are willing to accept hair and make it into wings. After doing this she looked over some reviews before finding the program she liked best, which ended up being ¨Wigs for Kids.¨ Once filling out all the proper forms with her personal information she put the hair into a zip-locked bag and into a small box, addressed it, and then sent it out.

¨ I don’t need my hair at all, so instead of letting it go to waste by leaving it on the floor of a salon, why not do something with it?,” said Lopez.

Lopez said that if someone else wants a wig so they can feel confident and express their own identity she is more than glad to help out.

Lopez doesn’t regret cutting and donating it. She feels that her self esteem and confidence has improved with the brand new hair cut she has given herself. She will continue to donate her hair when it gets really long!