Uncut Gems


Have you heard of a black opal?

Adam Sandler does an amazing job playing the role as a jewelry Broker who gets in debt at the end for a very, very valuable gem. The majority of Adam Sandler’s movies are based on comedy. In this movie he is a wizard. Overall it was a great movie, and the movie gets you thinking. How could you be in debt with so many people and burn so many bridges. The Gem did something to him.
In the movie Uncut gems 2019 Adam Sandler plays a role as a thief and jeweller who makes high-stakes decisions that could lead into a once in a lifetime opportunity and great chance. In the movie he must balance business, family, high stakes bets and a ton of borrowing. On top of all this, the ultimate score comes with a heavy price. Sandler gives Kevin Garnett a black opal which leads him to win the 2012 eastern championship for the Celtics against the 76ers. He ignores the things that brought him to where he was at, in his career, and that was his downfall, the basketball and bets in the end winning! But not so really winning.
When I saw the trailer for the movie I thought it looked like a dumb basketball movie with Adam Sandler in it. When it came out I saw a review and thought it was really good. At this point I told my boy to go see the movie. Uncut gems had a good story line and I would recommend it. The black opal has a lot of power in the movie.