Tres Campanitas


Las Tres Campanitas is an ice cream shop located in Little Village at 3808 W 26th St, Chicago, IL 60623. I had the chance to enjoy this place more than once and I absolutely loved it. They sell a good amount of different snacks. They are well known, especially for their hand made yogurt. They also have very good service as well. 

There are about 3-4 different ice cream shops near Las Tres Campanitas. Los Mangos, for example, are overpriced for their items. The large cup for Los Mangos is about $6.50, but the large cup at Las Tres Campanitas is much bigger and cheaper at only $5.25. 

The difference in taste is amazing. Las Tres Campanitas includes natural fruit, cereal and toppings without charging you more. Many enjoy the items sold especially the strawberry flavored yogurt. The yogurt is made well and the color of each yogurt is very nice, which makes you enjoy it more.  

They are very clean and have excellent service, the workers in the place greet the minute walking in the door, they use respectful titles, and they listen and pay attention to what I want they don’t interrupt at all.  

Overall, I rate Las Tres Campanitas a 5/5. I really do recommend it. They have ice cream, chips, etc… The reviews in google are similar to mine. They have a 4.5/ 5 which is very true that many love it and I do too. My friends and family that have gone with me have all been satisfied with the pricing and taste . It’s highly recommended.