Eminem’s new songs


Eminem’s new album “Music To Be Murdered By” was released on Jan. 12, 2020 with 20 new songs featuring many other rappers such as Young M.A, Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, Skylar Grey and many more. I wouldn’t say this is the best album of the year, but there are some good hit songs. The album references Alfred Hitchcock on the cover and in the interlude and the outro. Eminem’s “Alfred (Interlude)” uses Hitchcock’s greetings from the track that opened in 1958. I liked that Eminem mimicked Hitchcock’s cover. It showed how Eminem is a big fan of Hitchcock\; the master of suspense.
“How do you do? Ladies and gentlemen
My name is Alfred Hitchcock and this is Music To Be Murdered By
It is mood music in a jugular vein
So why don’t you relax? Lean back and enjoy yourself
Until the coroner comes”
Furthermore, Eminem also used Hitchcock’s farewell speech from “The Hour Of Parting” for his ”Alfred(Outro)”
“This concludes our danse macabre
Portions of the proceeding were recorded
As for the rest of it, I’m very much afraid it was all in your mind
I don’t intend to indulge in any post-mortem
If you haven’t been murdered, I can only say
Better luck next time
If you have been, goodnight wherever you are.”

The song “Darkness” in my opinion is a great hit song, which I say is underrated because it did not make it to the top 100 billboard. He talks about his loneliness and being left in the darkness, but he also talks about the mass shootings all around the world. Eminem also puts himself in the shooter from Vegas point of view in the song “Darkness.”
For rapid fire spittin’ for all the concert-goers
Scopes for sniper vision, surprise from out of nowhere
As I slide the clip in from inside the hotel
Leanin’ out the window, going Keyser Söze
Finger on the trigger, but I’m a licensed owner

“Darkness” in my opinion is a great song because it had a great beat and good lyrics but one of the songs that I think many of his fans wouldn’t care for is his song “Stepdad.” Eminem talked about how his stepdad was abusive towards his mother and him, but I don’t think his fans want to listen to his past now since he has been in the music industry for 21 years. He mentions how his stepdad was the cause of his dog being put down, but he adds a plot twist at the end of the song where he beats his stepdad with an aluminum bat and his bare hands. Then he says he buries him next to his dog. Did he really kill his own step father or was this all his imagination he pictured when he was a kid? My favorite part of “Stepdad” has to be the chorus because it’s very catchy and it feels like the old Shady.

I would give this album a rating of five out of ten because many of the beats don’t go with his lyrics, although there are some top hits within the album.Overall the album was not the best,but the hit songs that are the best and should get more recognition are Unaccommodating, Godzilla, Darkness, Little Engine, and Stepdad.