Diaz’s YouTube Channel


Senior Pedro Diaz created the Life Sage YouTube channel. Diaz uploads videos of concerts he attends. He has gotten a lot of recognition  with 1,120 subscribers. The most views he has gotten is 31,0000 views on the video “ Motionless in White Live 2020 (Chicago IL)”  

“I created my channel last year but I didn’t really focus on it that much,” said Diaz. 

What really inspired Diaz was his friend at work.

 “ I used to tell her all the time on what concerts I would be going to and she told me I should start a YouTube channel and upload all those concerts that I have been going to.That’s what I did and here I am close to having over 1,000 subscribers,” said Diaz. 

He has uploaded nine videos to his channel, all from different concerts he has gone to.

  “To be honest I don’t have a favorite they were all amazing but the one I love so far this year  was Motionless in White because it was my first time seeing the band and they were amazing, but last year I would say Babymetal because it was something different and it was amazing,” said Diaz.  

Diaz hopes to advance with his YouTube career.

 “Well to go to more concerts or music events and also to go to see other genres of music like in May I’m going to my first country concert and I’m looking forward to going to that,” said Diaz.

One of his goals he has set for himself is “to get more subscribers and views on my videos and also to maybe change up some things like making my own logo and working on my intro of my videos.” 

Subscribe to Diaz’s channel and support a friend who has a big dream to be a famous YouTuber. Diaz is going to attend a couple more concerts so make sure you to watch. 

“My next one that I have is in May and 4 other ones,” said Diaz. 

Stay tuned for more videos from Diaz.