Curin’s Trench Warriors

Karen Montalvo

The wrestling team is one of the most successful sports teams at Phoenix. A big attribute to that has been Coach Curin and his support team.

 “Seeing these athletes improve and have success, and watching that success become contagious throughout the entire wrestling team,” said Curin about his favorite thing about coaching was. 

In the past four years the wrestling team has made its mark at Phoenix Military Academy. Coach Curin, who also happens to be the AP Government and Civics teacher, has dedicated a great amount of time and effort into the success of the team. 

Since Curin became coach in 2016 at least one student has gone to state each year.

In 2018 alumni Omar Perez, Jason Lua, Kevin Rodriguez, and Martin Martinez went to state. In 2019 Kevin Rodriguez, Martin Martinez, and Jaylne Goree went state. Additionally,  this year two students went to state: Jesus Lua, and Jaylne Goree.

 Curin can’t choose his favorite season because they were all special in their own ways.

  “Every season has special parts to it.  You develop these relationships with these athletes over a 3-4 year period and have them over multiple seasons so it is really hard to separate out 1 season in particular,” said Curin.

The bond Curin has created with all of his wrestlers contributes to the success of the team. His confidence and dedication help his wrestlers build their own confidence. All in all, Curin is an amazingly successful coach and hopefully the wrestling team continues to thrive.