All Star Weekend


On February 14th, 2020, NBA All Star weekend took place at the United Center in Chicago. The All Star game is a big event where the best NBA players and celebrities get together. The last All Star game in Chicago was in 1988.

The game capped off on a busy weekend in Chicago, where they had a Celebrity Game, Rising Stars Game, Dunk Contest, and charity events from the Chicago Bulls team.

Many people were looking forward to the dunk contest because many stars participated. It was one of the most viewed events in the whole All Star weekend. However, the All Star game did not disappoint.

“I think the All Star game was better this year because they were actually trying to win,” said senior Rodney Pickett.

Many people have different opinions and preferences. And who knows, maybe next year’s All Star game will be better than this year. Obviously things are going to be very different and maybe for a better.

“If I could add something I would have put a player from the Bulls on the All Star roster,” said Pickett.