Getting an Upgrade


Senior Alvin Du works on one of the new computers in Mr. McElgunn’s room.

For a long time, Mr. McElgunn’s art lab has been using the same computers. These computers had slowed down so much that students were having a hard time doing their work. In the beginning of January the art lab got an upgrade.

The old computers couldn’t be fixed so newer, better computers took their place. Students will have less trouble doing their work in 2D and AP art thanks to the upgrade.

“It’s a relief to get faster machines. We purchased the Mac’s about six years ago and that’s about the lifespan of many computers with the rapid advances in computing technology,” said Mr. McElgunn.

Technology is constantly changing and having to replace and exchange old tech can be very tedious.

“Mrs. Tobias and Mr. Velasquez are our technology coordinators and they have a plan for the older Mac’s,” said Mr. McElgunn.

Although the new computers are taking over, it won’t be the end for the older computers. The old Macs will still be in the building for menial tasks.

Of course any upgrade comes with a big price tag.

“Lets just say we are really lucky to have the resources to make upgrades that have new car prices,” Mr. McElgunn said.
For what it’s worth, students can now do work without stressing out about a slow computer.

“We are thankful for the upgrades we have,” said Mr. McElgunn.