Posse Winner!

Posse Winner!

Jose Cruz

A full-ride to Agnes Scott. Senior Jacqueline Lopez beat her competition and prevailed as the Posse Scholarship winner. In order to apply for the Posse scholarship a senior must be nominated by their high school, demonstrate leadership within their high school and community, and demonstrate academic potential.

“Oh, I was over the moon. I was notified about three hours after my interview, so I still had that anxiety of if I really did give my best effort or not. I was crying along with my family because it felt like a huge weight off our shoulders, now that we know that we don’t have to pay tuition,” said Lopez.

Lopez was one of 740 students that received this prestigious scholarship this year. She had to go through three rounds of interviews.

“ My sister was also nominated for Posse when she started applying to colleges, but she never became a finalist. She provided me with information that she remembered from her past interviews so I could prepare myself for any activities or questions that the Posse staff would ask me. My parents constantly bugged me about Posse: telling me to apply quickly and turn in any materials that I need to the earliest I could. My parents and sister also provided emotional support, telling me to be myself at my interviews and to not be scared of what happens after the interview,” said Lopez.

This ultimately led to her securing the scholarship. She used her resources to her advantage and put  a lot of time and effort into her personal statement and essay. She also secured two letters of recommendation.

“During JROTC in my junior year, we had to research out of state schools that had the same average GPA and SAT scores as our own. The one I found was Agnes Scott, so I did research on it. I fell in love with all the attention the professors gave their students and with how open-minded the campus is to minority and LGBT+ students. When I found out that I could list it as one of my Posse schools, I did so without any hesitation,” said Lopez.

Agnes Scott has an acceptance rate of 70.4% which makes this school competitive. The average GPA of an accepted student was  3.76 and the average SAT score was 1207. Lopez matched all of their requirements. This fall she will join PMA alumni Estrella Villa, also a Posse scholar, at Agnes.