Museum of Science and Industry Exhibit: Wired to Wear

Jaquez Jenkins

Have you ever thought about wearing clothes that have technology within the design?


The Museum of Science and Industry has one of the best exhibits for computing innovations. These innovations contain technology that are designed within the clothing. Wired to Wear is the first-ever exhibit dedicated to wearable technology, smart clothing and devices designed to extend the human body’s capabilities and make us healthier, stronger and safer. They have jackets that help you see in dark spaces, racing suits that deploy their own airbags, and a jet suit capable of traveling 32 mph.

Sport tech, medical tech, science tech and fun tech are all covered there. A highlight is the Glitter Sparkle Lavender Cannon Prosthetic Arm designed by a Missouri teen as a secondary to her more standard forelimb substitute.

This exhibit is the top level of exploration of its topic. It has many people asking questions but giving them back answers. Most of these devices don’t have prices yet but they are very innovative and life changing.


Wired to Wear exhibit opened at the Museum of Industry on March 27, 2019 and closes May 2020. The computing innovations are displayed on mannequins, in plastic cases, or hanging up. The exhibit is only crowded on busy days at the museums. The cost to get into this exhibit is covered when you buy the general admission ticket for $12.

Clothing is getting a new update and with Wired to Wear the next kind of style is up to you to create.

5 of 5 star rating for the exhibit.