iMentor Seniors Year Two


This year will be the senior’s second year working with their mentors. Seniors were introduced to their mentors about a year ago. Some have improved their relationship with their mentors while others are still having trouble connecting with them.
“My mentor and I have a great connection before it would be hard to converse but now the conversation flows easily and we know more about each other,” said senior Jocelyn Lott.
For the past year seniors have been meeting with their mentors the last Thursday of each month. They have time to catch up on everything and work on some activities. They have games to play or are given activities to complete.
“I would consider more activities and games and don’t have the events really based on school,” Advised senior Lavelle Parker.
Some also go on pair expeditions where they plan out a day to meet and spend time outside the school or just work on scholarships or apply to schools together.
Most students choose to keep in contact with their mentors after high school.