Sanchez to State


Damien Ponce

When the flag team competed in January, senior Fernanda Sanchez qualified for state with her solo performance. Sanchez is looking forward to moving on and performing the best she can.


“The first time I performed I was really nervous, but because I had never been in a competition and I was so new to everything I was able to just go with the flow. Now that I know how it feels to perform in front of judges and an audience I feel more confident. I do critic myself after every performance and I feel like I improve every time,”said Sanchez.


Although it was her first time performing at that level of competition, Sanchez  was able to handle the pressure like a professional and take the experience she got from this competition and move forward to become even better for state.


“I thought that the other competitors were amazing. We were able to become friends with the other competitors because we all agreed that we’re part of a small category in a huge competition and we should stick together,” said Sanchez.


Even though Sanchez and the other competitors were there to compete against each other, they were able to put all of that aside and be friends. There was no bad blood and they were really supportive of each other.


“I was surprised and excited to be able to qualify for state. I worked so hard and I felt like my hard work was worth it. Now I’m looking forward to competing at state and getting that experience, ” said Sanchez.


Now that the competition is over, she can reflect and prepare for state. All the hard work she put in has  paid off and now she is going to continue and perform at a state level.


Senior Andrea Eudave also performed a solo at the competition. 


“In total I have performed my solo 3 times at competition. At every competition I would feel so nervous because it was just myself and everyone would be looking at only me,” said Eudave.


Eudave feels the pressure before competitions. She described it as being able to feel all the eyes on her in that very moment. 


“ I always feel nervous right before performing. I always feel like crying before because I always feel like backing out. I think I’ll mess up and overthink to the point where I can barely concentrate in my routine. I was just thankful that my best friend would watch me directly in front of me and make me smile to even forget I’m competing,” said Eudave.


The nerves can sometimes be too much. However, Eduave has the support of her best friend and that keeps her calm and able to perform.


“I might want to perform my solo again one day. Not anytime soon. I’m thinking of doing this as a hobby in college,” said Eudave.


Although a memorable experience, Eduave won’t be performing another solo anytime soon. However, she still wants to continue flags throughout college as a hobby.


Andrea Eudave(left) and Fernanda Sanchez(Right)

The flags have been doing well and for the past two years they have competed at state. Now it’s Sanchez’s moment to shine. She is going to do her best to bring home first place.