Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette is a 65 dollar palette with 18 shades that features 8 Mattes, 6 Pressed Pearls, 3 Duo Chromes and 1 Pure Glitter. This palette is best suited for someone who likes using shimmers. For being a beginner on doing makeup I really like this palette.

The matte colors are highly pigmented and butter smooth. They didn’t seem to have any fall out. One thing I did notice while applying the shades was that most of the matte shades had a tiny bit of micro-pearl on them, which made them very blendable.

The pressed pearls are rich and very good quality. They are very pigmented so that it can be used alone or layered on top of the matte eye shadows. The pressed pearls are very creamy and have a thick consistency. These eyeshadows apply well with a brush and they aren’t stiff or difficult to pick up on. One thing I did notice was that some eyeshadows did not appear as metallic after blending.

The duo-chromes are eyeshadows that reflect because they change colors when light is reflected on them. When I applied the duo-chromes it was kind of a struggle because it wouldn’t always go on the eyelid when being applied with a brush. What I thought was easiest to get a better shimmer look was to add a base color first with a brush and then apply the duo-chromes with the tip of your finger for a better result.

The last set of eyeshadow would be the pure glitter. This eyeshadow can be easily dabbed with a flat brush for better pigment and results. The pure glitter eyeshadows are more glittery and sparkly. They have a creamy consistency and the glitters stay in place unlike other glittery eyeshadows that go flying all over. Even though the pigment is nice and pretty it doesn’t last for too long. I rate this palette 5 stars out of 5.