Enlisting into the military is a huge step and commitment these nine students have taken, six of which enlisted into the United States Army National Guard and the remaining three into the United States Marine Corps.

Each student has their own personal reasons for enlisting, many which are similar. There are many motives that play into choosing which military branch to serve with. Those seniors that have already been to Army Basic Training(BCT) are seniors Jose Pedro Marquez, Esteban Daniel Lopez, Susett Rivera, and Usbaldo Fernandez-Lara. They have successfully completed BCT and have respectfully earned the title of soldier. As for seniors David Orozco, Muwen Song and Kevin Vargas, their shipping orders for Army BCT are on separate dates in 2020 and they will complete a full cycle of BCT and Advanced Individual Training back to back. Seniors Adrian  Rueda, Alexis Maldonado and Emmanuel Hernandez await their ship date for the Marine Corps Boot Camp in 2020.

It is well known that the military is greatly respected for their discipline.

“I like the discipline,” said Maldonado.

Even though they get to choose which branch they enlist in, their military occupational specialty is not in their hands.

“I wanted the infantry MOS but I got logistics,” said Maldonado.

Physical and mental fitness is heavily exercised in the military.

“I want to show everyone what I’m capable of,” said Hernandez.

Violence is huge in Chicago and many people wish to escape it.

“I just want to get out the hood and leave as far as possible,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez hopes to have a tough training.

“A title well earned requires more and more training afterword,” said Rivera.

College isn’t always a go to choice for many people.

“I don’t want to go to college so Army it is,” said Rivera.

Overall, these seniors are ready for the challenge of the military and hope to challenge themselves mentally and physically.