How important it is to wash your hands

David Orozco

The spread of any kind of bacteria can be dangerous. It is important to prevent viruses and diseases as much as possible. 


Many viruses and bacteria rise during specific seasons and some are especially deadly.The flu is one of many viruses that involves dangerous bacteria. This can easily be avoided by either washing your hands or using some sort of antibacterial solution. Many people do not realize the importance of simply washing their hands and the great affects it can lead to. 


Senior Jesus Perez has always imposed the importance of washing your hands.


“It’s sanitary,” said Perez.


Perez was taught the importance of soap by his mother and has always kept the tradition.


“My mom taught me how to wash my hands,” said Perez.


Senior Danielle Rios keeps in mind that she is not the only person who comes in contact with certain surfaces and areas. 


“It is important for me because I feel my surroundings and everything has germs so it keeps me clean after holding something that other people have held,” said Rios. 


There are certain places that require certain sanitation. 


“I wash my hands every time I grab something new at work,” said Rios.


Many people have a preference in soap just like Senior Oscar Alonso.


“I use any soap that smells good and kills bacteria,” said Alonso.


There isn’t an exact amount of times that you should sanitize your hands, but it should be done often. 


“I wash my hands everyday,” said Alonso.