Paris Steps Down as Athletic Director

Paris Steps Down as Athletic Director

After 19 years of being the Athletic Director, Roland Paris is finally retiring. Paris has been with Phoenix since its opening at Orr in 2004.
He has a long history at Phoenix as a security guard, which he will continue to do. Paris has coached the girls volleyball team, girls and boys softball teams, and the bowling team. During school hours Paris works as the head security guard, but after school he became Coach Paris. Even though he has held many roles, every student has the same amount of respect for him.

Senior Jeneli Sanchez has played for Paris since her freshman year and feels he is a very fair coach. Sanchez played volleyball and softball with Paris.

“I’ve enjoyed Coach Paris’s coaching through my years at PMA because he made sure that we had the practice we needed and made time for all of us to participate in what we love playing,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez believes Paris’s coaching has showed her the importance of perseverance.

“His coaching will benefit me in the long run because he didn’t give up on any of us and he taught us to keep going,” said Sanchez.

Senior Jesus Perez has played soccer and volleyball since his freshman year and knows well how efficiently Paris conducts his job.

“Paris was still always on us about turning in our physicals. If we didn’t have our physicals in, he wouldn’t let us play on the school’s team,” said Perez.

In addition to coaching, Paris also had the responsibility of Athletic Director, which included collecting sport physicals, ordering buses, and monitoring student eligibility.

Even though Paris has completed 17 years as Athletic Director, Sanchez has enjoyed his coaching enough to agree that he should commit to a “full” 20 years.

“I do believe that he should finish a full 20 years of coaching,” said Sanchez.

Many people have enjoyable memories with Paris. Perez enjoyed the fact that in addition to Paris’s many roles inside and outside the school, he is also a Police Officer.

“The best memory I’ve had with Paris was when I found out that he is also an auxiliary officer,” said Perez.

Even though Paris has had a long run as coach and athletic director at PMA, he made his decision after many years.

“I’m choosing to retire because I’m exhausted!,” said Paris.

He began coaching in 2000 and estimates that he has coached over 1,000 athletes.

Paris has considered coming back as Athletic Director for another year, but not anytime soon.

“Everyone needs a break every here and there. I need to spend more time at home,” said Paris.