Changes to CPS Policies Affect the Heritage Fiesta


Heritage Day celebrates cultures and their shared beliefs and traditions. Phoenix has hosted an assembly that allowed students to bring in homemade food. Students often brought their favorite dishes from their own culture. This year was one of many annual fiestas organized by Mrs. Raygoza and Ms. Urquhart. Unfortunately due to new CPS policies, this year’s fiesta did not have homemade food.
According to sophomore Cynthia Moreno this greatly affected the event.

“Not a lot of people were excited about any of the performances. People would be talking over the performances. The line was so long for the food,” said Moreno.

Although she did enjoy ‘el tamborazo’ and dancing with friends. Since students could not bring food from home, the school ordered catering.

“I did not try the food because the line was really long and I would hear people saying things about it and how it wasn’t that good,” said Moreno.

Junior Dayanara Zavala stated that the food wasn’t the greatest compared to the previous fiestas, but she did enjoy the performances. She hoped that cadets could have shared their own opinions about the performance and choose what type of foods they would enjoy.

“Due to food safety issue; we had to order from Taquería Gomez at the last minute. They kindly accepted our offer and offered us an economically priced menu; which consisted of a potato taco, chicken taco, ground beef, rice, beans, and chips,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

Raygoza had no choice but to follow the new CPS policies.

“There is always time to regroup and this year I requested all at PMA to join us for a committee at the beginning of the school year and not much has changed. We are open for ideas next school year from students or staff. We hope that we can maybe create a Google form on food choices that are of course economically priced and that are from a licensed vendor,” said Raygoza.