Meet Mr. Vivians

Meet Mr. Vivians

Damien Ponce

With the start of the new school year Phoenix  hired a new military property coordinator, Melvin Vivans. He replaced Mrs.Melesio. .Vivians came to Phoenix with a lot of experience.


“My previous job; I was a material control and accounting specialist for the Army. I served over nine and a half years in that position,” said Vivans.


Vivans felt that Phoenix was the best fit for his job expertise. 

“I chose to come to Phoenix because this is the best position that I have found relative to my experience from my previous job,” said Vivans.


Vivans has enjoyed his time here at Phoenix and has found it to be informative as well as enjoyable. 


 “My experience here has been enlightening as well as informative. I really loved my career in the Army and this is an opportunity for me to carry on that legacy,” said  Vivans.


Vivans explained that his military background established a basis for what he does  and there are very few differences from what he does now to what he did in the military.


“My military background established a foundation for what I do now. Basically the same thing I do here, I did in the Army; the only difference is the items and the dollar amount is larger,” said Vivans.


Vivans enjoys football and played football back in high school and was half back. Vivans also enjoys playing chess and video games in his leisure time.


“ I played football when I was in high school, I was a half back; I also play chess and video games like Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty and 2k on Playstation,” said Vivans.


 At the end of the day he likes to reflect on his day to make a plan for the next day and become a better version of himself everyday.



 Vivans is enjoying  his time here and is looking forward to learning from this experience and being able to help with supply.