And Still! Billy Stritzel Wins the Chicago Golden Gloves for the Fourth Time

And Still! Billy Stritzel Wins the Chicago Golden Gloves for the Fourth Time

Kevin Vargas

PMA’s very own Billy Stritzel, a security guard and football coach fought in the Chicago Golden Gloves finals on the 13th of April at the Cicero Stadium.

Stritzel fought in the heavyweight masters division from the Gregory Boxing Club. Stritzel started boxing 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. He continues to train and never stops trying to stay in shape for an upcoming fight.

“I pretty much train year round, I also coach football so in three days of the week, but I never miss the Saturday boxing,” said Mr. Stritzel.

Mr. Stritzel had fought his opponent before so his game plan was to find his opponent’s weaknesses and used them to his advantage.

“Before heading into the fight I was just listening to my coach, he told me I fought that guy before and he thought I beat him, but he won by split decision. He was shorter and stockier  and what I was doing was everytime I would jab my left hand would drop and his corner notice so I had to keep my hands up so he wouldn’t counter me,” said Stritzel.

Strizel’s coach told him to throw straight punches because he had a height and reach advantage over his opponent.

Usually before going into a fight Stritzel is more aggressive, but this fight was a bit different.

“I was calmer than usual, I’m usually over aggressive, but my trainer told me just to relax, and when you relax you can do more damage and think clearer and I fought pretty well,” said Stritzel.

Stritzel started fighting when he was 34 and has had 26 fights. A few years ago, the age limit for amateur boxing was 32 and under. Stritzel had to lie about his age for three years until the officials recognized him and stopped him from fighting. Not until recently did the USA Boxing organization add a masters division for fights for men 35 years and older.