Welcome to Chicago Scholars class of 2024!

Yadira Medina

For many low income students, opportunities seem hard to grasp, or sometimes even impossible. There exist many programs that aim to help these students succeed far past college, but their lives after that too.

Chicago Scholars promises to, “Uniquely select, train, and mentor academically ambitious students from under-resourced communities to complete college and become the next generation of leaders who will transform their neighborhoods and our city.” Aiming to help those who feel they won’t succeed because they don’t have the right resources in order to do so.

Unfortunately, Chicago Scholars is a highly selective program, that only admits some of their thousand applicants. Students all over Chicago are in hope of receiving their “admitted” email welcoming them into the program.

Luckily, 13 of our very own PMA firebirds were admitted into the program, beating over a thousand other students from schools like Whitney Young to Jones College Prep. These students are: Layla Alexander, Carla Ballesteros, Erick Bellido, Ivan Diaz, Alvin Du, Juan Guerra, Esteban Lopez, Jesus Perez, Joliesty Romero, Belem Salgado, Fernanda Sanchez, Destiny Stevens, and Andres Vargas.

Chicago Scholars application process includes one interview with 2 counselors that are inside the program evaluating possible scholars answers and mannerisms. For junior Juan Guerra he recalls this as the hardest part of the application.

“The hardest part of the application was the interview because you had no clue what they were going to ask you and how you would answer, or if it would go well in general,” says Guerra.

One of the greatest things that Chicago Scholars helps their students with is applying for colleges before their other classmates. Which gives the students a huge advantage, these scholars hope to get the most out of their place in Chicago Scholars.

“What I hope to gain from this program is life changing experiences that will help me in my future to come back and help my community and children like me,” says junior Joliesty Romero.

These juniors have worked hard to ensure their spot in the program, that they hope will further push them to grow professionally in the career they choose. Congratulations once again!